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I MANAGED TO ENTER JAPAN UNIVERSITY~~ [Nov. 29th, 2007|04:12 am]
[気分 |crazycrazy]

Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so happy to be informed on last Tuesday that I pass my university entrance examination which was held on last Saturday 17th Nov.I went to Japan on 15th~23rd and spent a lot just to stay 9days in Tokyo.Yokatta.
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got connected [Oct. 29th, 2007|05:24 pm]
[Current Location |room 69]
[気分 |blahblah]
[ |SADS-PornoStar]

already had my notebook connected to the internet..YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!BUT!!!Until December I dont have the time to surf.Maybe once I came back from Japan*27th Nov*,I'll post entry again!
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a journey starts.. [Aug. 23rd, 2007|01:16 pm]
[Current Location |under the bed]
[気分 |melancholymelancholy]
[ |ALICE 9-Blue Planet]

HEY!!!!!!ONE YEAR Annivessary of NOT UPDATING my LJ!!!!!Congrats to me!!!!Bwahahahahaha...

yupp...I know...I'm late...I'll sit for Japan University Exam Entrance.maaaa.....I refused to take TOIEFL(or whatever) BUT still couldn't run from TOEIC!!!WTF!I'm going to Japan,yes to take the test this Nov/Dec!!!Wish me luck ya!!!!My only choice of university in Japan is the XXXXX Women University in Kodaira,TOKYO!!!But still,no guys..I'm a shy girl,u know it!!!!

BTW,I pass my Sociology Test but not for MATH!!!!!Its far below average...90/200!!!!Yeah!!Hail for me!!!My nihongo...lets keep it as a SECRET!!!Nvmd,I'll have my last chance in Nov.So...I'M DAMN BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No time for everything!!!
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Tadaima.. [Aug. 12th, 2006|12:44 pm]
[Current Location |cc]
[気分 |draineddrained]
[ |D-EDEN]

Otsukare for myself and companions...

Recently I'm ganbatte studying in Japan Preparatory lab...
Wish me luck,I'll be back in few weeks again..
Mata ne...
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Life at 19 [Apr. 28th, 2006|01:22 pm]
[Current Location |Junk box]
[気分 |annoyedannoyed]
[ |Diru-Marmalade Chainsaw]

what can I say..My life turns back normal..I was about to sew my LOLITA gown when POT called me and said she need meet me..we met..DAMN TALL girl!!!180cm!!!!I was like urghhh..*tiny*..its like ANT and ELEPHANT!!!hahahahahaha..I went back to my aparto but there's nothing to do..yet,I feel so EMPTY..Dad made a promised to give me a vacation tix to Hong Kong..but sis would visit Tokyo and going to July's live..all Diru,Miyavi and latest....D!D!D!

Read bout Asagi's..um..he's like me..I'm not AKARUI anymore..I pretend to be happy allllllllllllll the time..but sincerely while I was in Japan..I would return to Japan..July this year!Wish myself all the best to get replacement in Vantan TOKYO College this September..still now..preparing at language/art college..I'm getting rid..internet sux here!!!

Miss everyone!!!!Hail Jrock!!
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別れる Party with 2年E組!! [Feb. 2nd, 2006|03:37 pm]
[気分 |gloomygloomy]
[ |SID-アリバイ]

I woke up soooooooo early just to packed my chocolate cakes to school for 2年E組,my beloved lovely darling class!!!V__V..Then お父さんhelped me with the packing since I am soooooooooo late already!!I was supposed to reached school at 8a.m but it was already 8.15 am and I still haven't finished my darn packing!!!and I wore my Sex POT Revenge ROYAL attires and made everyone ビックリ!!はははははは。笑う。And I were stucked in the staffroom for my last assignments in 更高 and I had to fill my school stuffs..T___T..Then,I YUKA,CHIAKI,HIROKO and AKIE came to the staffroom to see me..THEY CRIED!!! and hugged me!!!T___T..YUKA was afraid of my style though..

Then at 11a.m the party started..we had Mini Volleyball or "ミニバレー" and I was in team of Mitamura君,O_ozaki君,Yamahata君,AKIE and SHIZUKA..XDXDXDXD..We won the 3rd in the matches !!ICHIKAWA君 team got first!!and that boy!!!!!!!!!!!!Ichikawa smacked the ball to my face unintentionally but I was so madddddddddddddd at him and I chased him the whole school!!!we ended up fell down at the vendour machine..hahahahaha...XDXDXD..after the volleyball,we went to make Malaysian food in Home Economic room..XDXDXDXD..マイちゃん made the best MALAYSIAN curry in JAPAN!!オメデトウ!Then,we ate the curry while one by one of my classmates give speech to me..then they presented me a songs..SADS-忘却の空..T___T..and Secret Base were sing by CHIAKI and KANAHO..T__T..we held our hand together and all the girls cried!!T__T..My make ups were horrible!!Tears..*cries*..

Next,I gave my speeched and TERADA君 and Oota君 was listening to it!!I didn't expected those two satan will responded to my question..hehehe..and They even said sweet things about me..nyaaa..*cries*..Mizukawa君 and Kakuta君 talked RUBBISH that they wanted to marry me when I am ready!!>__<"..e~~~~嘘吐き!!!

And at that time NOZOMI whispered quite L.O.U.D that:-

"She belongs to YUTA from A class!"....*flustered*.....

I starred at pretty NOZOMI and everyone laughed but they laughed bcoz of my face and hopefully NOT bcoz of my darling YUTA..XDXDXD..I love YUTA!!!!*ラブラブ*..Then they gave me a bouquette of roses and sakura flowers and a VISUAL KEI ATTIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That was REALLY shocked ME!!!!I cried and hugged EMIKO and MIZUKAWA君..they cried too..

After the event ended,all of us got into お久しぶり2年E組 classroom and I need to fix my make up..there......I ..met...HIM!!!He..he..YUTA君..YUTA君 was
standing behind the door of A class and I passed him by...we stared at each other and I got the guts to tell him the truth while EMIKO already pushed me towards him...*sounds like dramatic*..XDXDXD..he stared at my hair!!!damn YUTA君!!!!But I was distracted by the passers by..and TATSUYA君 suddenly came to me and said "又会うね!"..I smiled and and talked to him abit while YUTA just hiding behind TATSUYA and staring at me..end.So I just walked away..EMIKO laughed and said I'm stupid.."分かるよ!",I replied.Someone already told YUTA君 that I like him,thats why he was trying to talk to me but both of us didn't have the courage..till tomorrow YUTA..

I went back home with 10 kgs of present and school stuffs!!!!!XDXDXD..I had to packed my 荷物 again and went to post it.Then me and お母さん went to Fujimaru and Ryuugetsu to buy おみやげ to bring back home.I bought chocolates,煎餅,白樺ケーキ and 十勝豆!!!!!!!XDXDXD..I likes it so much!!!I hope my 麺類that I sent before have already arrived home..

Night,went to eat sushi with お祖母さん、爺,お兄さん、父 and お母..sad..my last sushi in Hokkaido..

At home..I only listened to SID while final packed my stuffs..

Tomorrow is 3年性 and MY Graduation Day..its at the OTOFUKE BUNKA CENTRE..
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Separated Blue.. [Feb. 1st, 2006|12:47 pm]
[気分 |boredbored]
[ |LAREINE-Blue Romance]

"It so cold today,OTO.."

OTO left the band..KuRt.

I like OTO..嗚兎..

AYANA sent me mails and she cried really bad yesterday after the announcement.

I felt like throwing my bunches of KuRt cds to OTO's face!*cries*

I downloaded LAREINE songs...It spoilt my day,today...So sad and sorrow.
Separated Blue..離青..

I will see AYANA at TSUTAYA today..our third last meet<--reminds me of Due'le Quartz song..T___T..


12012 album,reach me today at 6 maybe...maybe..PLAYDOLLS Type A and [not obtain +1]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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見えないノ記憶..secret letters.. [Jan. 29th, 2006|03:14 pm]
[気分 |gloomygloomy]
[ |KuRt-サラババンビ]

Today..I went out with AKIE,EMIKO,SHIZUKA,MISUZU and CHIAKI to karaoke for 5 hours!!!!!..and we took purikura too...When I saw AKIE,I asked her how was YUKA after I went back to Otofuke and AKIE said she just cried..T__T..I text her after I was back in my room but there were no replied..*dies*..and YUI keep calling EMIKO to reach me!!XDXDXD..it was so funnyyyyy bcoz YUI wanted to buy ELMO for me!!YeaY!!!*huggles YUI*..We sang ZONE-最後の思い出す~secret letters~..sort of..and we CRIED!!!!!Six of us cried and U-BOU almost flood!XDXDXDXD..we held our hands together and hugged!!That was saddddddd!!>___<..and went it ended,we lingered around Fujimaru and I bought 春ーSHOXX March issue [the GazettE] on cover and few 漢字険手 8,7,6,5 級 books..
the SHOXX and ARENA 37 Special I bought..
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Reached home around 7pm..so I just watched tv with お父さん and read SHOXX..deciding what CDs to buy beside waiting my pre-ordered stuffs..arghh..then,お父さん asked me to write 文章..I just leave that on the table..XDXDXD..

I read about 嗚兎-OTO- today..his last message to KuRt fans..why OTO?Why???Why u??Please don't leave the band!!!!!!!!*cries*..what OTO will do for his future?He sounds serious about it till he decided to leave KuRt..*sad*..I remember when I met OTO at the event in Sapporo Factory and Guru-Guru..he was nice to me and お母さん。。memories..
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別れる..apart..silence..死んだ? [Jan. 27th, 2006|10:16 pm]
[気分 |draineddrained]
[ |メリー悲しみブルトーレン]

Today...we had the whole day examination for English test in OHS.It was me and Ichikawa at the accounting room next to Yuta's classroom..We played and joked only..T__T..Then,I decided to see the next classroom.They were not taking exams..pity 'him'..I saw 'him'..V__V..*relief*..damn pretty..I felt like kissing his cheek!!He was staring at the window and I were staring at him too until Ichikawa damnly hit me with my University Japanese Test!!!!..startled,but..

"Damn boy,u spoilt my sweet scene!!" I scolded him with low tone tho.
"who are u looking at?" Ichikawa looked at me.
"Your grandmother-お前のお祖母さん-!!" I ran away and we laughed.

hahahhahahhahahhaha!!!!XDXDXDXDXD..That was sooooooooooo funny!!

-------------The Ending part in School today------------------------

As my day in OHS lasted today,its hard to let my hand go off YUKA,MIYUKI,CHIAKI,EMI and AKIE..they kept telling me to come tomorrow to th karaoke centre..I do!I will..*tears*..AYUMI and NOZOMI cried not letting me go..


I turned and saw YUKA was crying at the end of the locker edge...*sigh*..I just held her hand and tried to smile altho my heart screaming to hug her..I want to comfort her.."I'm sorry"..and she didn't say anything but..thats it.She cried and my time has run out.I left her and had to go to the carpark to go for the Otofuke Yakuba thingy..*tears*..I waited for Nagaya sensei.Sensei 遅かった!And I saw few students waving to me from the bus stand....end.....*look at the white breath*..


The last thing ASUKA send to my PC...was メリーpix..and the agressive ballad ALICE NINE song 春夏秋冬 to me..
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Its YUTA again..*sad* [Jan. 26th, 2006|06:39 pm]
[気分 |crappycrappy]
[ |ALICE9-百合は蒼く咲いて-]

It's YUTA again..I thought I will never saw him ever again since we had no fate..but he turned up today at the bus stand and my eyes were staring at him..feeling sad..angry..諦め..YUTA glanced at me and our eyes met!!!>__<..but I turned away and 貴子-TAKAKO- and マチャン-Machan- kept asking me to tell him the truth.I'm sorry..I couldn't do it..End up,we walked on different way and MAYU dragged me to see her アリス九號ーAlice Nine-cds that she copied for me.I was happy to received アリス九號 stuffs from MAYU but at least..Yuta..*sigh*..I dunno what to say. I know I would never had a boyfriend..ever..my heart is too plain..empty and only JROCK can fill them..

..this is what will I get on 25th January!!!!eYaY!!

..These was what the cds MAYU gave to me from the recycle shop in SAPPORO she went..and ASUKA was asking me her MERRY-メリーalbum..NUケミカルトリック debut..yeah..I'm giving her back tomorrow without making any copy for mine during the 冬休み..*sigh*..I want my Mar'derayla flyer so bad!!!!!!!!!I missed sexy gay HAGANE様..I still have the lusty pix of HAGANE at Osaka MUSE when I was at their Osaka lives..if only I talked to him that time..where is HAGANE??Why did IORI left him and the rumors spread he commit suicide??NO!!!!It's not true..I love HAGANE....

arghhh...tomorrow will be last day in school..YUKA and NORIKO kept hugging me and made EMIKO jealous..HARUNA was being to harshed!!She pulled my hair!!!*damn her*..I tied to pull hers back but I didn't do it bcoz I don't want her extension to disattached!!!lol..XDXDXD..

ZEN-善- sent my VIDOLL stuffs today!!yeay..*cheer up*..but the t-shirt needed to be send earlier tho..and ZEN sent some SID's stuffs too like pamphlets and mirror..!!!!My bag will go heavy ZEN!!!!She text me but I called her straight forward to 仙台!!XDXD..

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